Why We Give


God commands us to.

We give because God commands that we give. Some people give their time and energy as well as their money to further the gospel.
Luke 6:38
"Give, and it shall be given unto you;"

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hand giving money to church


Where does the money go that people give?

Depending on how it is designated, we use the money to support missionaries, help with activities, expenses, and ministries around the church, and pay salaries to our staff and pastor.

Do you offer online giving?

People have multiple ways to give. A check or cash is always acceptable but some electronic methods are available as well. (Zelle, Venmo)

Do the church people know where the money goes specifically?

Yes. Every few months, during our Wednesday night Bible study, our financial staff outlines, through a handout, what and where the money has been spent recently.

When can you give?

You can give online anytime. Checks and cash can be given at the church if possible or whenever the church office is open.

Does the church keep a record of our giving?

For tax purposes, the church office keeps track of how much someone gives in any given year. This is only available if the money was given online or given in an envelope and designated with your name on it.

Do you have a list of the missionaries the church supports?

Yes! Under the "Missions" tab, you can find almost all of the missionaries we support. (A few are omitted for their security.)